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Your Best Life is Waiting For You
You are on the precipice.
It's time to LIVE and get on with the next EVOLUTION of YOU.

Seek and You Shall Find...
I know you've been searching your whole life to find... it. The thing, the secret, the guru, the book, the person, the method, the THING that is going to change everything for you. 

This is THE THING. 

This course is the most direct route to Self-Mastery.

Every person I've worked with has generated epic life-change within weeks of starting this course and I expect the same for you. 

30 Signs You Are Not Living Your Best Life
The longer you've felt these symptoms, the more hard wired they are into your neurology which means the sooner you need to change your mental habits.
  • You Feel Like Life is "Just Happening" to You.
  • You Frequently Feel Bored.
  • You Compare Yourself to Others.
  • You Wish Your Circumstances Were Different.
  • You Feel Uncomfortable in Your Own Skin.
  • You Feel Powerless.
  • You Feel Trapped in Your Relationships.
  • You Need Drugs or Alcohol to Have Fun Time.
  • Nothing Interests You Anymore.
  • You Feel Like You've "Settled" For Everything You Have.
  • You Feel Like the Best Years of Your Life Are Over.
  • You Lack Direction.
  • You Thought You'd be Somewhere Else by the Age that You Are.
  • You Feel Stuck.
  • You Lack Confidence.
  • You Frequently Experience Regret.
  • Your Financial Life is Not Where You Want it to be.
  • Your Romantic LIfe is Not Where You Want it to be.
  • You Have Frequent Arguments with Others.
  • Your Mood is Unpredictable.
  • You've Lost Friends Because of Your Bad Behaviors.
  • You've Tried Multiple Time to "Quit" Bad Habits with No Results.
  • You Wish You Had Done Life Differently.
  • Getting Out of Bed in the Morning is Not a Joy.
  • You're Not Happy 99% of the Time.
  • You're Prone to Emotional Outbursts.
  • You Don't Care to Care About Your Physical Health.
  • You Find it Difficult to Express Yourself to Others.
  • You Feel Emotionally Numb. 
  • You Experience Anxiety or Depression.
“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 
C.G. Jung
Ever Better Life Course Syllabus
  • Discover 7-Steps to Consciously and Intentionally creating a version of yourself that exceeds all the limitations and expectations (yes, I really do mean all of them).
  • Discover how true and complete Self-Understanding is the secret to Self-Confidence, and how Self-Confidence is the Master Key that will unlock the doors that lead to What You Want.
  • Learn the difference between Destructive Discontent with what you have and a Determined Desire to have, do, and be Better.
  • Rewire your brain and reprogram your Unconscious Mind and put creating the life you want on Optimized Autopilot.
  • Discover why putting your Focus First is the quickest, easiest, and only way to reliably create the life you want!
  • See how the Focus of your Conscious Mind is the Life Experience epicenter from which everything else flows.
  • Learn why Mental Money is the single mot valuable resource you have, and discover how investing it wisely will allow you you create a life most people only dream of.
  • Thoughts are Things! Learn the deeper meaning of this truth and discover effective strategies for making each and every one of your 6,000 thoughts work for rather than against you.
  • Learn how to aim your Focus in a way that programs the coordinate of What You Want into the Manifestation Machine of your Unconscious Mind.   
  • Learn about the two aspects of Focusing, and how you can coordinate them to produce a synergy that will allow you to create anything and everything you want in life.
  • Discover the three components of your internal Life Experience and how you can optimize each to create the internal experiences and external results you want and deserve.  
  • Every external effect has an internal cause; learn to control these causes and you can produce any result you want!
  • Identify the three aspects of Behavior and uncover a simple formula that will allow you to eliminate self-discipline and banish bad behavior from your life forever!
  • Learn an easy fix for those days when you “just aren’t feeling it” and create all the motivation you need on demand!
  • Stop feeling guilty about bad behavior and learn an easy approach to eliminating them from your life!
  • Learn how mastering your mind will allow you to effortlessly excel in the “Success 101” areas of life (finances, health, relationships, etc.).
  • Discover the unseen forces which have caused you to attract and be attracted to the People, Situations, and Circumstances which make up your life, and learn how to use them to transform the life you have into the life you want.
  • Learn how consciously creating an empowering Perception of What Is is a prerequisite for accessing your potential to realize What Can Be.
  • Discover how Cognitive Filters shape your Perception and how Conscious Filtering is the foundation of Perceptual Alchemy.
  • Learn the strengths and weakness of the Conscious Mind, and how you can Focus the beam of your Conscious Awareness in directions that will serve you best.  
  • Learn about five of your most powerful Cognitive Filters, become Aware of the role they play in generating your Perception, and start Consciously Choosing the kind of experiences they create for you.
  • Ride the wave of Self-Mastery from Intellectual Understanding to Experiential Awareness to become a fish that’s “aware of the water”.  
  • Understand and optimize the intimate relationship between the physical structure of your brain, the dynamic activity we call “mind”, and the Life Experience that is produced as a result of the interplay between the two.  
  • Learn how changing your thinking changes your mind, how changing your mind changes your brain, and how changing your brain will change your life!
  • Start using the Principle of Neuroplasticity to teach an old dog new some impressive new Life Experience tricks.  
  • Learn how to “Make haste slowly” and allow your journey of self-discovery, self-mastery, and self-unfoldment to unfold in a natural, organic, sustainable way that’s right for you.
  • Learn the relationship between physical and mental exercise and develop a customized training regimen to get your brain ready for the Life Experience triathlon of living the Ever Better Life. 
  • Discover the power of Conscious Intentionality, and learn how this amazing force may be the missing ingredient you need to start living the life you deserve today.
  • Unlock the Four Treasures of Conscious Living:  
  •  1) Complete Mastery of the quality, intensity, and duration of your Internal Experiences
  •  2) Unlimited Access to the Storehouse of Your Unique Personal Genius
  •  3) Access the Reality-Molding Power of Perceptual Alchemy 
  •  4) Leverage the influence of Neurovibrational Synchrony to direct the magnetic force of your mind and and harness the manifestation magic of the well known (but poorly understood) Law of Attraction. 
  • Access and harness the incredible power within the relationship between Awareness, Personal Responsibility, and Conscious Choice. [This alone is worth the price of the entire course!!!]
  • Begin to explore, likely for the first time in your life, the full depth and breadth of your mind’s internal resources and creative power.  
  • Become an apprentice of the Art of Non-Magical Manifestation and learn you first incantations for growth and potential that, when practiced, will make you a master!
“My for your psyche...KNOW THYSELF, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves"
Listen to What People are Saying About The Ever Better Life Course...
Course Enrollment & Tuition Options
Basic Course Tuition
or $250 for 10 Months
  • Lifetime Course Access 
  • Go At Your Own Pace
  • Open for General Enrollment
Guided Immersion Course
 or $450 for 10 Months
  • Lifetime Course Access 
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Facebook Group
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Videos (20)
  • Open for General Enrollment
Personal Mentorship
 or $1050 for 10 Months
  • Lifetime Course Access 
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Videos (20)
  • Bi-Weekly Individual Coaching Calls with Steve (20)
  • Recording of All Private Coaching Calls
  • Eligible by Interview Only
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