* Free 3 Module Mini-Course*
I Can Teach You To Be Happy
What You'll Learn in This Mini-Course:
  • The Nature of Happiness
  • Do Feelings "Just Happen"?
  • The Importance of Awareness Responsibility Choice
  • The Source of Happiness
  • Becoming Conscious of Unconscious Processes 
  • The 7 Step Process That Describes How Everything in Your Life Happens
  • How to Install the Happiness Habit
  • The 5 Things That Have Kept Me From Happiness
  • Rewire Your Brain & Reprogram Your Focus

You're CAPABLE of Happiness.

You DESERVE Happiness.

One of the Great Meanings of Life is to learn how to ENJOY IT.

If you're anything like most people, you're probably falling WAY short of your Happiness Potential.

My FREE mini-course teaches you a high powered formula for  mastering your mind and harnessing its power to consciously manifest happiness in every area of your life.

Dr. Steven Ravnstag.

By convention he's a life coach, but when you discover the reality of what he does for his clients the best description for him is Mind Magician. 

The Interior Designer you hire to turn your messy headspace into your favorite place to be.  The Perceptual Alchemist. The Manifestation Matchmaker.  He will show you a model for understanding yourself and your world that will allow you to create the Life Experience that you desire. Check out the Ever Better YouTube channel and The Ever Better Blog to get a taste for his work.

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